Automata - Clip No. 1

In Gabe Ibáñez's sci-fi thriller "Automata," a solar flare has zapped a big chunk of humanity, and what's left is pretty dismal. The 22 million people left on earth use robots for practically everything, which means the ROC robotics corporation is large and in charge. Antonio Banderas stars as Jacq Vaucan, an ROC employee who investigates claims against the 'bots and whether or not ROC is at fault when one of their products goes haywire. (Hint: It's usually your fault, you silly human.)

Vaucan's newest assignment is to investigate a robot that was supposedly fixing itself, which, in this world, is against the second law of robotics. Unfortunately, the robot was shot by a crazy cop played by Dylan McDermott, so all Jacq's got to go on is a handful of robot parts. In this exclusive clip, Vaucan brings his findings to a scientist and robotics expert played by Melanie Griffith, and they discuss the implications of what the implications of self-regulating robots would be, both for the ROC and for humans.

"Automata" is in theaters and OnDemand now.