The Jim Henson Company has a number of beloved franchises tucked away for safekeeping, like "Fraggle Rock," "The Dark Crystal," and "Labyrinth." Fans of the latter are especially obsessive; there's manga, extensive theories about the characters and universe, cosplay, tattoos, and more dedicated to the weird '80s tale. Obviously, any mention of "Labyrinth" would not slip past us, any more than Sir Didymus would allow just anyone to cross the bridge over the Bog of Eternal Stench.

In a news story about Billy Crystal joining an animated movie called "Which Witch" was an almost throwaway line that forensic "Labyrinth" nerds have been examining all day, with regards to The Jim Henson Company's upcoming projects. "It's also working on a quartet of legacy titles in the Henson library - a 'Fraggle Rock' movie that's been in development at New Regency; a sequel to 1982's "The Dark Crystal"; a sequel to 1986's 'Labyrinth'; and a movie based on the Emmet Otter character." Like it's just no big thing.

Well, as partial as we are to a jug band, there's no denying that even a hint of a "Labyrinth" sequel is enough to send us soaring. Last May, New York magazine asked CEO Lisa Henson (daughter of Jim) about its many franchises, and it sounded much less likely that we'd ever get to revisit the tale of Jareth and Sarah and what's-his-face.

"'We don't actually have anything planned, and we particularly don't have anything announced about Labyrinth,' Lisa Henson says, choosing her words carefully. 'It's a property that we know is very popular. It holds a special place in people's hearts, including ours, because it was Jim Henson's own personal big epic movie, and it wasn't necessarily appreciated in its day. But it's become very beloved over time, and perhaps that causes us to treat it with even more respect. We do have some ideas about it, but we're being very careful and cautious.'"

It's only been a few months since Henson said that, but perhaps a little "Labyrinth" action is sounding good to a company that's fattening up its feature film biz. Either way, we're ready to return to the Land of the Goblin King.

[Via io9]

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