dave bautista james bondOne of the bigger surprises in this summer's "Guardians of the Galaxy," besides how cute the sentient tree creature ending up being, was wrestler Dave Bautista's performance as Drax the Destroyer, the thuggish warrior hell-bent on serving up some good, old fashioned revenge (for the murder of his family). He was tragic, funny, and showed amazing physicality in a handful of memorable action set pieces. And the actor looks like he'll be showing off some more of that prowess, as he is set to co-star in the still-untitled, Daniel Craig-led 24th Bond outing.

Latino-Review is reporting on the casting decision, which will have Bautista face off against Craig, not as the film's main villain, but in an iconic henchman role that is already being compared to Jaws or Oddjob (from earlier in the series). If anyone can bring a potentially anemic role some much-needed dimension, then it's definitely Bautista. (Bautista is, on a side note, one of the sweetest human beings we've ever met, as well. The phrase "gentle giant" comes to mind.)

Precious little is known about the upcoming James Bond film, except that it is being directed by Sam Mendes from a script by John Logan, both of whom collaborated on the last James Bond film, "Skyfall," by this writer's estimation one of the very best (if not the single best) Bond movie ever. Last week Lea Seydoux, from "Blue is the Warmest Color," was cast as one of the Bond girls, although, again, it's unclear whether or not she is a good girl or bad. Considering the movie is supposed to come out on November 5th, 2015, expect news of a title and the rest of the cast, very, very soon. Also something to keep in mind: that comes out a month before "Star Wars: Episode VII" and "Star Wars" has been filming since the beginning of the year. Get cracking Mendes and company!

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