Esquire has announced its selection for the 2014 Sexiest Woman Alive, and Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz has claimed the title.

In a feature story about the Spanish beauty, the magazine notes that it's both her knockout looks and fiercely private personality that make her alluring.

"She is impossibly beautiful," writes reporter Chris Jones of Cruz. "When she walks into a room, men start walking into furniture. Up close, however, she becomes almost hard to look at, like staring into the most unflattering mirror. ... Cruz has no physical flaws, the bent noses and crooked teeth we would normally use as signifiers. Her face contains no secrets, at least not about her. But her face tells you and the room plenty about you. If you want to feel like the world's most judged man, sit down at a table in a restaurant with the Sexiest Woman Alive."

For her part, the actress told Esquire that that title is an odd one to her. Jones writes:

She doesn't feel like the sexiest woman alive, she says-she feels like a mother who doesn't get enough sleep; [husband Javier] Bardem is filming in South Africa, and she is anxious to return to her children-but given the role, she will play it. "Assume a virtue, if you have it not," Cruz says, quoting Hamlet. It is one of her favorite lines.

The story appears in Esquire's November issue, which hits newsstands on October 21.

via: Esquire

Photo credit: ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images

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