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Two comedy favorites, Casey Wilson and Ken Marino, are about to become the couple you love to watch on the new NBC sitcom, "Marry Me."

You've probably seen writer and actor Ken Marino in one of his many comedy classics, including "Wet Hot American Summer," "Role Models," or "Party Down." Casey can currently be seen on the big screen in "Gone Girl," but you may also know her as the ah-ma-zing Penny Hartz on the sadly short-lived sitcom, "Happy Endings."

Now the hilarious pair play Jake and Annie, a newly-engaged duo who deal with the awkward, silly, and highly relatable trials and tribulations that come with a relationship. The show starts out with a proposal, but don't expect to just watch wacky wedding drama around picking a dress or losing a ring here.

We got the chance to speak with the show's hilarious two stars, who filled us on their characters and what we'll see when it comes to their new life together. Plus, they offer up their best pieces of relationship advice and share what think would be the worst proposal story ever.

Moviefone: "Marry Me" is romantic comedy show anchored around an engagement, but it won't just focus on different aspects of wedding planning week after week. What else will we get to explore with this relationship throughout the first season?

Casey Wilson: I think in the first season we explore how Jake moves in with me and people can probably relate to that. My character's been living alone for a while and even though I love him I get claustrophobic and I slowly start moving into my car to have a little me time...

Ken Marino: This season is more about this new chapter in their lives and how they deal with that and how they deal with their friends and their family. It's not a show where every episode is about prepping for the wedding.

It seems like this relationship is a very relatable one. What are some of the scenarios we can expect to see that are very true to life and less glamorous than something than would see in something like "The Notebook," for instance?

Casey: I think a pretty classic scenario for the Thanksgiving episode will be Jake's mom is used to hosting and I think there's I think age-old clash between my character and his mother, who is played by JoBeth Williams from "Poltergeist," so it's very scary.

Ken: It's the first time we're wanting to have Thanksgiving at our home and my mom, JoBeth Williams, is not thrilled about it.

Tell me about your characters, Annie and Jake. How are they dissimilar and how do they come together to make such a great match?

Casey: I think they're very different. I think my character is really emotional. She gets really happy and then gets really angry and really sad and is always on an emotional journey, much like myself.

Ken: I think he's a little bit more the calm to her storm. He's the yin to her yang. He kind of grounds her when she starts to spiral off. Together they make a wonderful...

Casey: ... weird couple.

This is loosely based on your own relationship, Casey, since your husband David Caspe is the creator of the show. How have you inspired Annie and this on-screen pairing? Did you have any input about how her character would play out?

Casey: Yeah. I mean, here and there. My husband [David Caspe] created the show so it's very loosely based on our relationship, but it's taken on a life of its own. I don't have as much say as I'd like, I'll tell you that.

If you had your say, what would you see?

Casey: I would fire all the actors and do sort of a one person show.

Ken: It's interesting. David Caspe, the creator of the show, will come by and he and Casey will go home and they'll always be like, "alright, let's go home and create some ideas for new episodes!" and they come in with a ton of different material the next day.

Ken, what drew you to this role? You've had so many great projects and played so many memorable characters, but it seems like Jake is a little different from them?

Ken: What I like about Jake is he's very similar to me and so he's really quite easy to play. I just sort of look at the lines and then say them.

Casey, people loved your character Penny from "Happy Endings." I know you mentioned that that Annie's not quite as desperate, but will we see some Penny in her?

Casey: I mean, I'm sure some will sneak in. I think Annie's much more grounded than Penny, I hope. She's not as crazy and not hoping to find a man. She's at least gotten that bit of her life and I think everyone on "Marry Me" has a little more heart than the characters on "Happy Endings," who are horrible people.

How does it differ from other sitcoms on TV right now?

Ken: I don't know how it's different from other sitcoms, but I will say what's great about this show is that it's super funny. David has just written a show that's riddled with jokes but it still has heart and even though it has heart it does cut the saccharine with funny, hard, and sometimes subversive jokes. For me, it's exactly the kind of comedy that I would want to watch. We're very lucky to be on it.

What's the best piece of marriage or relationship advice that you would like to impart on our readers?

Casey: Wow. My best advice is always keep a power bar or a bag of nuts near you because when the blood sugar goes I think things get ugly.

Ken: My piece of advice is your wife is right 99.9 percent of the time. But with that .1 percent, stand your ground. Other than that, just do what she says.

What do you think would be the worst proposal possible?

Casey: I feel like, if someone died. You said the worst that could happen!

Ken: If you proposed and the ring was actually a bomb.

Casey: That would be bad.

Ken: Check the ring and make sure it's not a small explosive. That would suck.

What are your favorite on-screen couples of all time? Is there a fictional relationship that's the ultimate? I always look to Claire and Cliff Huxtable...

Casey: That's a good one. Claire and Cliff Huxtable are a great romantic couple. I love them. Lucy and Desi I love too.

Ken: I'm a sucker for Sam and Diane. What are some other good recent couples?

Casey: I like Clare and Phil on "Modern Family."

Ken: I agree!

Casey: And I know they're not a romantic couple but Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin on "30 Rock."

Ken: That's a really great couple. I second that emotion.

Casey: I appreciate that.

Ken: I appreciate your appreciation.

You have me completely sold, and I can't wait to watch the show. But give us your one sentence "Marry Me" pitch for everyone out there. Why should we tune in?

Casey: I'll say If you like really hard and funny jokes with a little heart and then you'll love this show. If you've got a heartbeat, I think you'll love it.

Ken: And I'll say watch "Marry Me" or you're dead to me.

"Marry Me" premieres Tuesday, October 14 at 9/8c on NBC.

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