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Moviefone, in exclusive partnership with DramaFever -- the top destination for watching movies and TV shows from around the world -- is proud to present the U.S. premiere of South Korean drama "Top Star," about what it takes to achieve stardom and the extreme lengths one will go to in order to keep it. It's full of double-crossing, greed, and a love triangle of epic proportions. Hooked yet? Watch the full movie -- for free -- above.

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Want to know more about "Top Star"? Here's the full synopsis:

Though Tae Sik (Um Tae Woong) dreams of acting, he settles for managing Won Joon (Kim Min Joon), the hottest actor of the moment. But when he devises a big break by taking the heat for Won Joon's hit-and-run accident -- in exchange for starring in one of the actor's upcoming movies -- he skyrockets from anonymity to stardom. On top of that, he also sets his sights on Won Joon's secret paramour Mi Na (So Yi Hyun), leaving the hapless actor to wonder just how far Tae Sik will go to steal his limelight...

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