R2D2. C-3PO. WALL-E. Johnny 5. Robert Pattinson. Get prepared to add another name to the long list of the most beloved cinematic robots of all time, when Disney's animated Marvel adaptation "Big Hero 6" hits screens the first week of November and properly introduces the world to Baymax, an inflatable health care robot turned armor-clad superhero. Yes, that old story. In the clip we are so excited to exclusively debut, Baymax is running low on juice and trying to inconspicuously return home after a day spent adventuring. It's really, really cute.

Big Hero 6 - Clip No. 1

First, some background: "Big Hero 6," which is Walt Disney Animation Studios' follow-up to last year's enormously popular "Frozen," is set in the land of San Fransokyo, a fanciful mash-up of San Francisco and Tokyo. It's here that our hero, pint-sized scientist Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter), lives with his older brother and aunt (Maya Rudolph). Hiro is a pro when it comes to designing robots, and after getting out of the underground robot fighting scene (too violent, too illegal), he focused his attention on "micro-bots," tiny robots that can, say, come together to form construction equipment (or whatever else your heart desires). After Hiro's older brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) is killed in a freak accident, Hiro notices a masked villain using his micro-bot technology for untoward ends.

That's when he springs into action, turning himself and Baymax (Scott Adsit), a cuddly creation of his brother's, into high-tech superheroes. (Hiro's college buddies, including characters played by Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr., T.J. Miller and Genesis Rodriguez, round out the team.) The scene we're debuting, though, is way more domestic. It takes place after Hiro and Baymax first encounter the kabuki-mask-wearing baddie, and Baymax's batteries are very low.

When this scene played at New York Comic Con last week, the crowd went absolutely bonkers. Let's just say that Baymax exhibits some classic symptoms of inebriation when his battery starts to blink and Adsit does a really, really wonderful job with the vocal performance (at New York Comic Con, Adsit admitted he'd only ever been drunk once before so this is even more impressive given the amount of imagination involved). The way that Baymax movies and talks and interacts with Hiro, you can feel that you're watching something special unfold. And pretty soon Baymax will be inducted into the hallowed halls of the all-time great movie robots. Hopefully before his power runs out.

"Big Hero 6" opens on November 6th and expect lots more goodies from the film, right here on Moviefone, in the weeks leading to opening day.

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