As Nicolas Cage says in the new trailer for "Dying of the Light," "There are two kinds of men in this world: Men of action - and everyone else."

Well, it often seems like there are two kinds of Nicolas Cage: the gifted star of "The Rock" and "Leaving Last Vegas" - and the guy who's just cashing paychecks. For "Dying of the Light," it seems he's the latter.

The trailer isn't actually bad. Cage huffs and puffs as a veteran, decorated CIA agent who goes rogue after learning his nemesis, a terrorist named Banir, might still be alive.

Unfortunately, there's not much else to it. Plus, the strange history behind the movie - director Paul Schrader is disavowing it after feuding with producers over the final cut - does not bode well for the final product.

"Dying of the Light" opens Dec. 5.