FriendsUnless you're a type-A overachiever (Monica, much?), you probably don't have New Year's Eve plans yet. Thanks to Netflix and "Friends," at least you have New Year's Day taken care of.

All 10 seasons of "Friends" will be release en masse on Instant Netflix on January 1, 2015. Let's face it. You probably always have it on in the background anyway; now you can begin from the beginning! Watch it after indulging in a deliciously greasy New Year's breakfast (and a little hair of the dog), or when you dry off from your Polar Bear Plunge, or whatever your New Year's ritual may be. If you're dying for a "Friends" fix in the meantime, and you're in the NYC area, you can hit up the Central Perk pop-up in SoHo until October 18.

Check out the Netflix teaser below and revel in Gunther's amazing grump face.

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