Game of ThronesSoon, you won't need to steal your mom's HBO Go password anymore!

In an investors meeting, HBO CEO Richard Plepler confirmed that the company plans to offer a "standalone, over the top" online service sometime in 2015.

"This will be transformative for our company," he said. Plepler noted that there are 80 million homes without HBO and that homes without cable TV represent "a large and growing opportunity that should no longer be left untapped."

He did not outline any details of what the offering would include, and whether cable subscribers would get something different from online-only subscribers.

It's a huge step for HBO to take; for years, it has resisted an online offering to avoid angering cable companies like Time Warner and Comcast. Even in its official statement, HBO noted that there are still "significant growth opportunities inside the pay-TV universe."

There's no way to tell, at this point, if the online service would be like HBO Go, or if HBO would offer more limited access to its series - like its deal with Amazon, where older shows are available for streaming but new shows are not.

So, maybe we'll still be stealing our parents' passwords for awhile.

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