Rainbow Brite Get your side ponytails ready, children of the '80s, 'cause it's about to get really nostalgic in here. "Rainbow Brite" is getting a 21st century reboot with a new online cartoon that will debut November 6 on Feeln.com.

This trailer gives us a peek at what Rainbow Brite, her horse Starlite, and her pal Brian will look and sound like... which is kind of weird. Change is good, but do we really need Rainbow Brite to sound like a Valley Girl? Is Starlite really a "verbose stallion"? Why is there a weird techno soundtrack that sounds like a rave for tweens? Emily Osment ("Hannah Montana," "Family Guy") will be the voice of Ms. Rainbow Brite, with Molly Ringwald as Brite's enemy, The Dark Princess.

We're skeptical, to say the least. Do you agree with io9 that this trailer is a mess? Or will you be logging on to Feeln.com when it's time for some rainbow sunshine?

[Via E!]