Sundance hit "Dear White People" has earned raves for its funny, frank, in-your-face approach to race relations from an African-American perspective, and this clip, premiering today exclusively on Moviefone, gives viewers a glimpse at its signature biting humor.

Dear White People - Clip No. 1

The scene is a video blog being recorded by Coco Conners ("Mad Men" star Teyonah Parris), a college student and wannabe reality star who has plenty to say about how people perceive her. Coco begins the clip by announcing that's going to "get real black," then launches into a tirade about ignorant questions with which she's faced about her appearance.

Coco slams a (presumably white) girl for daring to ask if her hair is "weaved," a grammatical error that sends Coco into a blind rage. "It's weave. Noun. Present tense," she seethes. Also targets of Coco's ire are clueless questions about the authenticity of her lips and skin, the latter of which causes her to have an ironic moment of insecurity about its shade.

"Dear White People" is written and directed by Justin Simien, and also stars Dennis Haysbert, Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson, and Brandon P. Bell. It hits theaters on October 17.

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