"Frozen" fans excited for the upcoming Broadway musical adaptation of the animated hit may want to let it go for a while: According to the man in charge of putting the show together, the final product is still in the early planning stages, with no concrete timeline in sight.

In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter about his many successes adapting popular Disney properties into hit Broadway shows (including recent record-breaker "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast"), Thomas Schumacher, president and producer at Disney Theatrical Group, told the trade that the "Frozen" stage production was a top priority -- but there's still a lot of work to do.

"My job is to corral the writers of the movie. I'm already talking to directors, and I have a design concept, and we have to begin to fashion this idea," Schumacher said of the planning process so far. "It doesn't need to be fast. It needs to be great."

While "Frozen" fanatics may differ with Schumacher on the first point, they'd no doubt agree with the producer on the latter. So as the one-year anniversary of "Frozen"'s initial theatrical run approaches, we're still nowhere near knowing when we may see it on the stage.

But based on Schumacher's excitement about the project, audiences are no doubt in for a treat. The producer told THR that he saw an advance screening of the film last year, and immediately texted John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, asking when he could begin the stage adaptation process.

"There's something purely theatrical about the relationship between these two women [characters, Elsa and Anna]. You can see it," Schumacher told THR.

If only we could see "Frozen" on the Great White Way sometime soon. Fingers crossed Schumacher and co. can make it happen sooner rather than later.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]

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