Warwick Davis has been part of both previous "Star Wars" trilogies, starring as Wicket the Ewok in "Return of the Jedi" (and two Ewok-centric spin-off films), and as young Anakin Skywalker's friend Wald in "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace." Now, the British actor is set to rejoin the franchise for its latest outing.

The official Star Wars YouTube page revealed Thursday that Davis would indeed be a part of "Episode VII," confirming long-held rumors that the actor would be back for J.J. Abrams's first chapter in a new "Wars" trilogy. Davis made a silly video entitled "Will Warwick Davis Appear in Star Wars: Episode VII?," and answered that question with a resounding "yes."

The video made a callback to a previous interview Davis conducted last year with Lucasfilm head and "Episode VII" producer Kathleen Kennedy, who told the actor that his name came up daily when discussing casting for the flick. Fast-forward to Thursday, and Davis's dream of rejoining the galaxy far, far away finally came true.

There was no mention of what part Davis might play in "Episode VII," though considering he had different roles in episodes VI and I, we're guessing he'll be portraying a new character this time around. Fans can find out when "Star Wars: Episode VII" hits theaters on December 18, 2105.

[via: Star Wars, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

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