Lost Mr EkoTV nerds, rejoice - "Lost" and "Game of Thrones" are finally coming together.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is joining the cast of "Game of Thrones' in season 5. Akinnuoye-Agbaje played the mysterious Mr. Eko in season 2; in the HBO drama, he will play another mysterious character named Malko, who does not appear in George R. R. Martin's books.

He could be a banker in Braavos; a noble in Dorne; a servant in Pentos; or a fighter just about anywhere else. The possibilities for the character are endless!

What we do know about season 5 of "Game of Thrones": We'll meet more of the Martell family in Dorne; the series will show its first flashback, likely of the Lannisters; a certain queen will strip down; and several major characters may be taking a season-long break.

And who knows? Maybe there'll be a hatch, too.

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