IT CrowdNBC is pressing control-alt-delete on "The IT Crowd."

The network is once again trying to reboot the popular British comedy. According to Deadline, uber-producer Bill Lawrence ("Cougar Town," "Scrubs") has signed a deal for a put pilot (if it doesn't air, it earns a fee).

"The IT Crowd" follows the workplace shenanigans of two tech support workers who a bit socially-inept. They have to deal with a new female boss, who is a bit computer-inept.

This is the second time NBC has tried to make an American version of "The IT Crowd." In 2006, it picked up a pilot starring Joel McHale of "Community," but the series never filmed more episodes. McHale then headlined "Community," which went to run for six five seasons and a movie sixth season on Yahoo.

NBC is clearly looking to shore up its comedy lineup. With the departure of "Parks and Recreation" after this season, and the failure of high-profile projects from Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes last year, their offerings are pretty slim.

The name brand of "IT Crowd," which has an American following, could win viewers. And the set-up's superficial resemblance to another comedy - you may have heard of "The Big Bang Theory"? - could make it a winner.

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