MulaneyFox giveth, and Fox taketh away: After the network gave a surprising full-season pickup to freshman drama "Gotham" last week, it's now cut the episode order of fellow new show "Mulaney."

Originally slated for 16 episodes, "Mulaney" will now only get 13. That's a bummer for the comedy, starring former "Saturday Night Live" writer John Mulaney, which has also seen its ratings fizzle since its less-than-stellar debut on October 5.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the series had just finished production on its 13th episode when the order cut news was handed down, though the show was gearing up to film its 14th. Since the 13th installment will now be the season -- and possibly the series -- finale, it looks like some reshoots may be in order. (Though nothing on that front has been confirmed.)

"Mulaney" has had an odd trajectory from the start, beginning its life as a pilot that was passed on by NBC, then getting retooled and picked up by Fox. Fox had initially greenlit just six episodes to series, before ordering an additional 10 to bump the first season's original total to 16. It seems that that second order may have been too ambitious, since the show debuted to a paltry 2.3 million viewers, and remained right around that total for its second outing.

There are no plans to pull "Mulaney" from the schedule, though. For now, it will remain behind "Family Guy," airing at 9:30 on Sundays on Fox.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

Photo credit: Joe Viles/FOX

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