Beyond the Lights - Clip No. 1

Love stories featuring two people from opposite sides of the track are as old as time, but "Beyond the Lights" puts a very modern twist on the timeless tale.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw stars as Noni Jean, a rising young singer who's just won a Grammy. Nate Parker is Kaz Nicol, a hard-working cop. They meet when he saves her from a nearly fatal suicide attempt.

And though they're on completely different career paths, they can't help falling for each other. In this exclusive clip, they share a quiet moment together, away from the bright lights of the stage and the pulsing lights of police cars.

"Beyond the Lights" also stars Minnie Driver and Danny Glover, and opens in theaters November 14.

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Beyond the Lights
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Though she's been groomed for stardom all her life by an overbearing mother (Minnie Driver), singer Noni... Read More