Alysia Reiner 5WorthWatchingEach year, the All American High School Film Festival selects the best short films from student filmmakers across the country and showcases them for attendees at its annual, New York City-based festival. Moviefone is proud to call itself a partner of the festival, and this year, "Orange Is the New Black" star Alysia Reiner will be a judge and a presenter.

Reiner has worked across both TV and film for 15 years and has more than 50 credits to her name, most notably "Sideways" (2004) and, recently, "How to Get Away With Murder" (2014). Today, however, the actress stars on the acclaimed Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black," playing Natalie Figueroa, the warden's assistant. With prison on Reiner's mind, Moviefone asked the beauty to give us her 5 favorite prison movies ever.

Check out the five picks below, complete with Reiner's commentary!

From October 24 - 26, the 2014 All American High School Film Festival will celebrate works from student filmmakers across the country, with screenings, awards, and panels featuring some of Hollywood's brightest talents. You can find more info about the festival at its website, including travel packages and tickets, screening times, and so much more.