Brad Pitt Between Two Ferns
"How old were you when you lost your virginity? Zero?"

Zack Galifianakis asks Brad Pitt the tough questions in the latest segment of "Between Two Ferns."

Pitt went on the Funny or Die mock interview series to promote World War II drama "Fury" and Galifianakis didn't hold back. After calling the actor "Hitler's dream" and bringing up Pitt's old Playgirl spread, the comedic actor dared to venture into Jennifer Aniston territory. He also asked if Pitt could get a suntan because, ya know, he lives "in his wife's shadow."

Galifianakis's ribbing of Pitt ("Bradley Pitts") makes for one of the best "Between Two Ferns" to date, and you can truly tell both actors are having a great time playing their roles. Did we mention a special guest also stops by halfway through? Enjoy.

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