Gal Gadot at Wonder WomanIs it April Fool's Day? Are cats and dogs best friends? Are we crazy, or did Warner Bros. and DC Comics announce that they're looking for woman to direct their "Wonder Woman" movie?

Buried deep within an item on The Hollywood Reporter about WB's plans for 10 superhero movies is a crazy little detail that's thrown in there almost like an afterthought. "Warners also is opting for strong directors, tapping David Ayer ('Fury') for 'Suicide Squad' and seeking a female helmer for Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman.'"

Marvel has been dominating the superhero space, but Kevin Feige has been hemming and hawing about bringing "Black Widow" to the screen as a stand-alone film. Well, unless Feige has a big surprise in store for fans (and for everyone at Marvel), it seems that DC is getting the jump on catering to audiences hungry for a more female-centric superhero flick.

Explicitly looking for a female director to take the reins is the cherry on top. As Cinemablend's Kristy Puchko points out, the only female directors who have taken a crack at directing a superhero film are Lexi Alexander, who did "Punisher: War Zone," and Rachel Talalay, who was behind "Tank Girl." And as much as we love Tank Girl, calling her a superhero is a stretch.

As Puchko also points out, gender shouldn't really make a difference as long as the director is dedicated to bringing "Wonder Woman" to the big screen in all her glory, but the message matters. It's not just that there aren't as many female filmmakers, but that they aren't entrusted with the sort of giant properties and budgets that are often handed directly to male directors with much less experience.

The only question now is if WB/DC will stick with this plan, and if so, who they'll pick. Do you have any suggestions in mind?

[via The Dissolve]

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