snl kidsWhile "Saturday Night Live" is long (sometimes painfully so), the producers still aren't able to include everything that is intended for any given episode. Things have to be cut, and sometimes those odds and ends wind up online. One of those abandoned sketches, from Saturday's episode, is truly bizarre and hilarious and even though it might not have made the cut over the weekend, it still deserves your attention.

The sketch (more along the lines of the pre-taped digital shorts popularized by Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island crew) was created by Mike O'Brien, who was downsized from being a regular cast member this season but still contributes to the show (he did that amazing "Whites" commercial from a few weeks ago) and it is really, really great. The basic conceit revolves around a man and his unease with children and it goes into some really dark, weird places. Just watch it already and maybe follow it up with an angry letter to Lorne Michaels asking why it was cut.

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