It's no secret that we love the bizarre Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials where he waxes philosophical while driving a luxury SUV through the urban canyons of Los Angeles. ("Drive" filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn maybe unsurprisingly, directed those spots.) They are just so perversely odd. But you know that you haven't really breached the cultural zeitgeist until you've been parodied on "Saturday Night Live," and that very thing happened this past weekend, when the show took a series of cracks at the commercials and the WTF-nature of the star's involvement.

In the spots Jim Carrey, who perfectly mimics the actor's southern drawl, offhanded wistfulness and indulgence in existential conundrums, plays McConaughey. You'll never look at that weird thing McConaughey does when he rubs his fingers together the same way again. So just watch and chuckle. Alright alright alright alright?

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