PaddingtonPaddington isn't just a bear - he's family.

That's the takeaway from a new, full-length trailer for "Paddington," the movie based on the famous children's book character. We've seen glimpses of the cute bear before, but the trailer provides a deeper dive into what the movie is all about.

The Brown family stumbles across the disheveled ursine traveler (voiced by Ben Whishaw) at the train station. Mr. Brown (Hugh Bonneville) wants to ignore him, but Mrs. Brown (Sally Hawkins) and their two kids decide to take him in and name him Paddington.

From there, the bear and kids get up to all sorts of hijinks, but Paddington's place with the family is threatened by a menacing collector (Nicole Kidman) who wants to stuff him and display him in a cage!

The trailer has a quirky sensibility and lots of dry quips thrown around by Bonneville. All in all, "Paddington" looks like it has all the ingredients for a delightful family film. It opens in the U.S. on December 12.