Best Movies of 2014With Oscar season just around the corner (literally -- we can see it peeking out, all gilded and glittery and begging for attention), we thought we'd run down 10 more of the best movies of 2014. (For those of you playing along at home, this is our third such rundown in three such quarters.)

This is it -- right before the final assault happens, when prestige movies take over (or at least battle for your movie-going dollar alongside the third "Night at the Museum" movie). Hopefully you've seen a bunch of these, and even if you haven't -- you should. They're very much worthy of your time, even if they ultimately fail to register in the end-of-the-year cluster cuss.

Check out our new list below and revisit our earlier choices (the latter slides), and let us know which of these registered as your favorites -- and which movies you're looking forward to in the weeks ahead.