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The fourth season of "Arrested Development" was a mixed bag, mostly because scheduling issues made it almost impossible for the entire cast to film many scenes together. Creator Mitch Hurwitz worked around that problem by devoting entire episodes to single characters -- even using green screen effects when necessary -- but the season still felt disjointed.

Now, Hurwitz is working on a sort-of solution: He's re-editing the season to tell the story in chronological order. The writer-director revealed his plans in an interview with the YouTube channel Pretentious Film Majors.

"Right now, I'm cutting a version of season four that tells it kind of chronologically," Hurwitz said, while also mentioning that scheduling difficulties were a large issue while planning out the storyline.

In a commenting thread, Pretentious Film Majors also noted that Hurwitz said he was inspired to do the re-cut in part "to try and get the studio more interested in Season 5."

While there's no clear timeframe for that next season, we're glad that Hurwitz listened to criticism and is attempting to address it head-on. More "Arrested Development" was never a bad thing, but this re-edit could be a great thing. Here's hoping it can find its way to fans' eyeballs -- and not just Netflix's -- someday.

[via: Pretentious Film Majors, h/t Uproxx]

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