Following in the footsteps of last year's so-bad-we-couldn't-possibly-think-about-looking away television event/train wreck "Sound of Music Live!," comes "Peter Pan Live!," based on the classic musical that you probably performed in middle school. The first teaser has just been unleashed and, whew, is this going to be something.

There's an emphasis on "tease" in this preview, partially because, you know, it's live and all. But you see behind-the-scenes craftspeople getting ready, laying down gaffer's tape, fixing lights and whatnot. And you get a few fleeting glimpses of Peter Pan (played by "Girls" star Allison Williams) and Captain Hook (Christopher Walken, because at this point he's too old to care what he's in anymore). Design-wise, don't expect some radical reinvention -- these are pretty classic depictions from either the original J.M. Barrie story, the play, or the classic animated Disney film.

Besides Williams's relative attractiveness making us question our own sexuality in new and unique ways, this looks like it has "potential catastrophe" written all over it. If you want us to live-tweet the show, please tell our bosses (because we really, really want to). The musical airs on December 4th and will probably wind up breaking the Internet (while simultaneously racking up huge ratings).