Now that David Clarke has escaped from his creepy cave, grown out his hair and started feeling –– as Jessie J would say –– sexy and free, it's time for him to find out what happened to his daughter and take down his enemies. Unfortunately, that process is all kinds of complicated –– partially because David has severe PTSD / is completely unhinged –– and also because tensions on Revenge are at an all-time high. Not to be confused with Nolan's hair, which was also at an all time high. Let's get to our recap!

David Clarke Double-Crosses His Protege

As we all know, Emily Thorne is an expert in sleuthing, and this week she realizes that there's more to her dad's story than meets the eye. After doing a little digging, Em comes to the conclusion that David's imprisonment just doesn't add up –– in fact, there's even a photo of him walking around when he was supposedly locked up. You know what that means: time for Revenging! Unfortunately, Nolan refuses to help Emily get her revenge on because he's busy cozying up to David in an interview organized by Margaux LeMarchal. But while David and Nolan chat with the media, Emily breaks into David's cell and discovers that there's no rust on his bed despite the fact that the area is filled with water. The conclusion? David staged his entire hideout!

Oh, and if you're wondering how David and Nolan's interview went, the answer is terribly. Not only does David accuse Nolan of stealing Amanda's inheritance, he publicly blames him for the fact that she was forced to work as a stripper. And yes, Nolan starts crying. And yes, you probably did too. But it gets worse: David also wanders into Nolan's house and punches him in the face, which leads to even more tears.

Emily and Charlotte: Sociopathic Socialite Sisters

Last time we checked in on Charlotte she was in the process of being lured into a car by the mysterious moon-tattooed random who tried to murder David –– because apparently she learned approximately zero life lessons from the last time she was kidnapped. Well, actually she learned one very important lesson: self defense. After realizing that her one night stand has ulterior motives, Charlotte morphs into her hidden alter ego, Revengey Charlotte, and promptly murders her captor. Guess she and Emily really are related!

Obviously, Charlotte decides she probably shouldn't call the police (because no one does on this show), and instead calls Emily –– who seems to have forgotten that Charlotte tried to burn her in tavern fire a few weeks ago. After pouring through some files the kidnapper had on David, these two shoot him up with heroin and make his death look like an overdose –– and then Emily drops the bombshell that Victoria murdered Aiden. Finally, the bonding moment we've been waiting for!
In other news, Charlotte finally decides to go to rehab, tells Daniel a huge secret about Emily before peacing out, and then reads a mysterious letter from her sister on the way to her treatment center.

Single White Female

Over in Daniel's particularly tragic and miserable part of Manhattan, our favorite lost soul once again finds himself in the tabloids when his heiress client, Louise Ellis, sells the story of their relationship to the media. Naturally, Victoria sees said story and tries to warn Daniel about Louise being slightly unhinged, and when he doesn't listen she's forced to intervene and put Louise in her place. Next thing we know, Louise flies into a crazy-spiral –– not only does she randomly show up at Margaux's tennis court to size her up, she starts peeping in her windows Single White Female style. Can't wait to see who this girl murders first!

And now let's take a moment to suspend our disbelief and touch base with our favorite unqualified policeman, Jack Porter. Last week, Jack's partner Ben decided to investigate Jack as a suspect in Conrad Grayson's murder. This week, Jack finds out about Ben's witch hunt and gets majorly emo hurt feelings, but together they decide to fish around about the death of a policeman who was involved in Condrad's demise. The boys in blue search their dead friend's garage after finding out that it had been occupied by a mystery man, and find a double infinity sign etched into some wood. Looks like we've officially found David Clarke's secret hideout!

And now, some questions...
1. What did Charlotte tell Daniel about Emily'? And more importantly –– will he tell Margaux / the media?
2. What was in the letter from Emily to Charlotte?
3. Will Emily finally come clean to David now that Nolan's being directly harmed by her secrets?
4. Where has David Clarke been hiding, and can even he be trusted?
5. Louise seems completely crazy...hands up if you think she'll end up killing everyone with her evil side-eye by the season's end? Thought so.