Statistically speaking, 1981 was one of the most violent years in the history of New York City, which is really saying something. So the fact that J.C. Chandor, the ridiculously talented director of "Margin Call" and "All Is Lost," would set a sprawling crime drama in the city at that time and title it "A Most Violent Year," seems like kind of the perfect fit. The fact that the movie stars two of our favorite actors (Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain) in the lead roles is almost too good. After watching the new trailer, we're sure you'll agree that taking a trip back to the "Most Violent Year" might not be such a bad thing.

In "A Most Violent Year," Isaac plays an immigrant who is trying desperately to build a business against a backdrop of chaos and corruption. Chastain plays his wife (she looks so fierce!) while Alessandro Nivola, David Oyelowo, and Albert Brooks round out the cast. (Honestly, the movie could be Isaac and Chastain sitting across a table from each other and wordlessly sipping soup and it would be one of our most anticipated movies of the year.)

This is the best kind of trailer – without offering plot specifics that could potentially spoil your enjoyment of the film, it conveys a mood and atmosphere that is utterly compelling. Quite frankly, there aren't all that many late-in-the-year movies opening up that could be Oscar contenders, at least from where we're sitting, although "A Most Violent Year" seems like it very well could be.

"A Most Violent Year" premieres later this week at AFI Fest in Los Angeles, before opening nationwide on December 31st. Ring in the New Year right, people!