Did this episode blow everyone's minds? The plot totally thickened, and we found out more and more about the Snow Queen and what she wants, plus, we learned that Charming isn't the only person from Storybrooke who met Anna ... By the end, the questions are endless and we pretty much need a nap from information overload. Let's take a look at what happened this week.

Belle and Her Quest for Knowledge
First thing first, Belle's the realest! Because she cannot remember how her mother died, despite witnessing the whole ordeal, and she goes against her father to seek out the truth. This results in her heading to Arendelle. Oh, isn't that were Anna and Elsa are from? So why hasn't she told anyone about her little escapade to this frozen land?

Belle and Anna: Two Peas In a Pod
While on her journey, Belle meets Anna. Shocker, huh? Anna guides her to the rock trolls, who will help restore her memory. Look -- they're bonding already! She meets Grand Pabbie, the head rock troll, and he gives her a "mystical memory rock" that will help her remember. But on the way back she loses it! (And Anna in the process.) Grand Pabbie gave Anna some information that the Snow Queen doesn't want getting back to Elsa. So, being an evil frozen queen, she causes a storm that makes Belle chose between her memories and saving Anna. As Belle tries to save the rock, Anna is hanging on to a ledge right next to her! She calls out to her, but Belle is consumed with getting that rock. Anna falls from the ledge and is taken by the Snow Queen, which caused Belle to believe she's at fault.

Belle Goes Bonkers
Boy, Belle is going through a lot in this episode. In an attempt at being a hero, she uses Rumplestiltskin's knife (the knife he entrusted to her on their wedding day) to make him take her to the Snow Queen's lair. We never thought we would see this happen, but it was totally Belle's turn to manipulate him anyway, so let's give her a pass. In the lair an evil mirror entrances her. No surprise here. It not only brings her self-esteem to an all-time low, but it also tells her the dagger that Rumple gave her is a fake. After Rumple saves her from the psychotic mirror, she tells him why she believes she is at fault for Anna's disappearance. It turns out she's not the only one keeping secrets. Rumple is going to lose Belle again after she finds out what he's been up to.

Belle's Mother
Belle returns home, after losing both the rock and Anna, and her father ends up telling her the truth about her mother. Saddened but grateful, she decides to get all heroic on us. It was Belle's idea to call upon Rumplestiltskin to save her kingdom from the ogres, and, well, the rest is history. (Don't remember what went down? You can always go check out the first season for a handy refresher.)

Anna Doesn't Trust the Snow Queen
After barely escaping Rumplestiltskin's clutches (sorcerer's hat in hand), Anna returns to Arendelle and is reunited with Elsa. Ah ha! Elsa introduces Anna to the Snow Queen, who also happens to be her aunt. She's been helping Elsa control her powers! This not only freaks Anna, and us, out, but it makes her question the intentions of her so-called family. Anna also hasn't told Elsa that her parents wanted to take away her magic, but knows that she needs to. When she takes Belle to the rock trolls, Grand Pabbie tells her that her mother had two older sisters that disappeared. She wants to know why it happened, where they went, and what is this woman really wants. Long story short, the Snow Queen ends up capturing Anna, and thinks she is going to use the sorcerer's hat to send Elsa away. Clearly this lady has some issues...

Unrequited Love
Meanwhile back in Storybrooke, Robin Hood is still madly in love with Regina, despite that fact that his wife is in a frozen coma. As the crew searches for clues about the Snow Queen, he tries talking with her, but she won't give him the time of day. He finally corners her and professes his love again for her, even though he wants her to also save his frozen wife. Jeez, some guys just want you to do too much in a relationship ... Regina tells him she can't figure out how to save his wife and the best thing for him to do is fall out of love with her, so that he can fall back in love with his wife. Personally, we get why Robin Hood is trying to have his cake and eat it too, but we also understand why Regina is so salty. It's pretty obvious they love each other and it breaks our hearts that they can't be together. Thankfully, this is one show that's full of hope and (sometimes) happy endings.

Rumple and the Queen
It's becoming more clear that Rumple and the Queen have a past. As their secret conversations grow more frequent we can't help but think Rump may be turning to the dark side yet again. Poor Belle. He wants something from the Queen, but she won't give it up. So when he shows up with the sorcerer's hat, the Queen has to give in. these secrets, they are slowly killing us. We feel like Marian in the frozen coma...

What Does the Snow Queen Want?
So, Emma shows everyone the video she found. Apparently the Snow Queen wanted Emma to find it and the folder of lost memories that the Snow Queen kept from her time as her foster mother. We know the Snow Queen wants a family and it turns out she wants to use Emma and Elsa to replace her lost sisters. Not only does Emma look like one of her sisters, but we also find out that the Queen knew she was the savior. We're still not over that shock.

Belle Comes Clean
Belle finally tells Elsa that she knew her sister. Finally! She also tells everyone about the mirror she encountered in the Queen's lair and the spell that goes along with it. It is called The Spell of Shattered Sight. Spooky, right? Basically, it will make everyone in Storybrooke turn on each other. How lovely! The hope is that the town will destroy itself no one would be left except for Emma and Elsa. After all, they are a part of the family that the Snow Queen always wanted ... Either way, some stuff is about to go down in the next few episodes. We are so full of questions that it's going to be pretty, pretty difficult to wait until next Sunday night this time around.

Til next time!

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