Fifty Shades of Grey
Fans of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" novels are no doubt curious about just how graphic the upcoming R-rated feature adaptation of the S&M series will be. According to an interview with star Jamie Dornan, the film will be racy enough -- but one key part (body part, that is) will be missing.

While speaking with the U.K.'s Guardian newspaper, Dornan acknowledged the intellectual snobbery surrounding the wildly popular E.L. James novels, noting that filmmakers were trying to keep both fans of the books happy, while also appealing to a wider moviegoing audience. When pressed about just what viewers can expect to see on screen -- including a certain member of the male anatomy -- Dornan said that some things would not be on full display.

Per the Guardian:

Was he completely in the nude? "There were contracts in place that said that viewers wouldn't be seeing my, um..."

Todger? He laughs. "Yeah, my todger."

So sorry, those hoping to see Christian Grey's goods: It's not gonna happen. But that's not to say that audiences will be disappointed by a watered-down version of the book.

"You want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible without grossing them out. You don't want to make something gratuitous, and ugly, and graphic," Dornan told the Guardian. " ... [Director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] is a very bright woman, so there might be some suggestive elements to it, but I haven't seen it at this stage, so it is hard for me to say. I'm aware of what we shot, and it wasn't as if we shot a film without any action. ... All I can say is, wait until you see it before passing judgment."

"Fifty Shades of Grey" opens on February 13, 2015.

[via: The Guardian, h/t Defamer]

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