Tom Hanks is an Oscar winner and a national treasure, but now, he can add another line to his impressive resume: Published book author.

Hanks has just inked a deal with publisher Knopf to write a short story collection. And because it wouldn't be a Hanks project without a quirky, delightful twist, the actor has revealed that the book will be inspired in part by his collection of antique typewriters.

"I've been collecting typewriters for no particular reason since 1978 – both manual and portable machines dating from the thirties to the nineties," Hanks said in a statement. "The stories are not about the typewriters themselves, but rather, the stories are something that might have been written on one of them."

Hanks made his first foray into fiction only last month, when he published a short story in The New Yorker. In an interview with the magazine, he explained to fiction editor Deborah Treisman his motivation to begin writing.

"I've been around great storytellers all my life and, like an enthusiastic student, I want to tell some of my own," Hanks told Treisman. "And I read so much nonfiction that the details stack up in my head and need a rearranging sometimes."

Hanks's book does not have a title or release date yet. Stay tuned.

[via: Los Angeles Times]

Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images

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