AnnieIt's a hard-knock life ... until you get taken in by a billionaire.

The latest "Annie" trailer plays up the rags-to-riches transformation of the plucky titular character (Quvenzhané Wallis), but also casts a shadow on the happy ending. Annie has found a home with wealthy mayoral candidate Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx), but a reunion with her parents is a very real possibility.

"There's half a locket around her neck so when we come for her, you know she's our girl," Annie reads from the note left by her parents. And later, after Annie goes to live with Stacks, those parents are found (maybe).

Wallis is suitably adorable as Annie, and Foxx exudes his usual charisma as the Daddy Warbucks-ian character. It's cheesy as all get out, but we dare you not to smile as the music soars.

"Annie" also stars Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne, and Bobby Cannavale, and opens in theaters December 19.