Residents of Hennepin County, Minnesota may wind up with a familiar-sounding new leader soon: Captain Jack Sparrow is running for county commissioner.

Yes, the good captain is indeed on the ballot in the local election, though residents hoping that Johnny Depp, who plays the quirky "Pirates of the Caribbean" character in the popular Disney series, will be running their county may want to take a closer look at the candidates. Jack Sparrow is indeed the name of one of the men vying for the position, but he's not a movie star, just a local political activist who legally changed his name.

According to local blogger Naomi Kritzer, Sparrow has been involved in political movements in Minnesota for around 40 years, taking part in the recent Occupy Minnesota campaign and founding an advocacy group in the late 1980s. And while Kritzer was impressed by Sparrow's dedication to the "Pirates" films, she was less enthused about the prospect of him running her county. She writes:

A lot of what he accomplishes seems to boil down to attention, rather than substantive results. Which shouldn't be entirely surprising with someone who went to court and changed his legal name to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Anyway. Even setting aside the fact that he changed his name to Captain Jack Sparrow ... he strikes me as someone who'd be profoundly ineffective in this job. But in any case I see no reason to set that aside. THE GUY CHANGED HIS NAME TO CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW.

I liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! They were a blast! Captain Jack Sparrow is a great character and terrific fun to watch! I DO NOT WANT HIM REPRESENTING ME IN ANY POLITICAL OFFICE, UP TO AND INCLUDING DOGCATCHER.

Kritzer's fellow Hennepin County residents will have to decide for themselves whether or not they want a guy who emulates a swashbuckler from a hit film franchise based on a Disney theme park attraction representing them. The power is yours, voters.

[via: Naomi Kritzer, h/t Gawker]

Photo credit: Associated Press

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