matthew mcconaughey interstellar interviewMatthew McConaughey, it goes without saying, is having a moment. The actor, whose career prospects, just a few years ago, looked bleak and romantic comedy-filled (remember "Surfer Dude"?), has done a complete reversal, working with a slew of noteworthy directors (among them: Steven Soderbergh, Richard Linklater, and Martin Scorsese) on projects that people just can't stop talking about (hello, "True Detective"). This resurgence hit its peak earlier this year with the actor's Oscar win for "Dallas Buyers Club"... or did it?

This weekend, the actor stars in Christopher Nolan's mega-budget space adventure "Interstellar," which serves as a kind of victory lap for the last couple of years being excellent in independent productions. Now McConaughey is headlining a giant studio movie, one where he actually gets to act. Hey, it's good to be the king.

We got to sit down with the man himself recently and talked with him about which of his favorite vehicles was the most fun to drive, the challenges of the art house versus the megaplex, and whether or not the long, existential speeches he gives in both "True Detective" and "Interstellar" ever actually get easier to say.

So sit back and watch our exclusive interview with the star -- alright alright alright alright?

'Interstellar': Matthew McConaughey Interview (EXCLUSIVE)

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