jessica chastain interstellarIn just a few short years, Jessica Chastain has gone from a young, up-and-coming actress, to a genuine tour de force, someone whose mere presence can elevate the prestige and entertainment value of any movie (hello, "Mama"). If Chastain is in a movie, then it usually means that the project is interesting, different, or a profoundly watchable combination of the two. The fact that she gets to work with visionary filmmakers like Terrence Malick (who cast her in her breakthrough role as an ethereal mother in "Tree of Life"), Kathryn Bigelow and Guillermo del Toro (next year's haunted house epic "Crimson Peak"), is mere icing on the cake.

The latest A-list director to fall under Chastain's spell is Christopher Nolan, who cast the actress in "Interstellar." Talking about who Chastain plays is a little trickier, since it involves the movie's loopy, space-time continuum logic. She plays the younger version of a character originally played by Mackenzie Foy. You can look into that, or let it lie. The choice is up to you.

But just know that Chastain stars alongside Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, John Lithgow and Michael Caine in the sci-fi space epic, and is an absolute joy. We got to sit down and talk with the actress about whether or not it's tough to keep the secrecy of her roles, if she still wants to be a Bond villain, and why she is wearing a self-described "S&M apron." (Also, check out our interview with Matthew McConaughey.)

'Interstellar': Jessica Chastain Interview (EXCLUSIVE)

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