There are some TV couples who you know totally belong together, but they just have trouble getting there or making it work. These "will they/won't they" pairs are typically faced with obstacles that have to do with bad timing, weird misunderstandings, or another (less-than-stellar) person in the mix, and they usually break-up and get back together more than once throughout a series. Sometimes they overcome their issues and end up riding off into the sunset together, and sometimes they don't.

These relationships are filled with lots of sparks and palpable chemistry, and the romantic moments are often met with excited "ooooohs" from the studio audience. There have been many "will they/won't they" duos throughout TV history, be it in a steamy vampire drama or a network sitcom, and we decided to round out some of the best of 'em right here.

Check out some of TV's greatest "will they/won't they" couples. Did your favorites make it?
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