anne hathaway interstellar interviewWhen Anne Hathaway was cast in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" as Catwoman, she didn't know that she would become one of the honorary "Nolan players," actors that are asked back to join his visionary productions (it's kept Michael Caine in the public eye for at least the last decade). But she does return, for Nolan's new galactic epic "Interstellar," playing a genius scientist and astronaut who sets out on a cosmic voyage to the other side of the universe. And all while wearing her hair in a practical-yet-fashionable pixie cut.

With "Interstellar," Hathaway got to live out a number of dreams: getting to be an astronaut, working with Christopher Nolan again, and, we imagine, being able to listen to Matthew McConaughey say stuff all day in that dreamy accent of his.

We got to sit down with Hathaway and discuss what it was like being called back into the Nolan fold, whether or not she came up with her own back story for her character, falling into her "own private wormhole" and what a dinner with all of the previous Cat-women would look like.

'Interstellar': Anne Hathaway Interview (EXCLUSIVE)

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