Yesterday we were very proud to debut ten brand new, shimmery posters from "Into the Woods," Disney's lavish Broadway musical adaptation (a first for the studio!) that stars Ann Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine and Johnny Depp. Those amazing posters, of course, were merely the magic bean and the beanstalk has just arrived in the form of a nearly 3-minute (!) long trailer that double-underlines just what an event this movie will be.

What's great about the trailer is that it doesn't try to hide the fact that it's a musical – and a big, handsomely produced musical at that (it was directed by Rob Marshall, who previously helmed the Oscar-winning Broadway adaptation "Chicago"). Everything about "Into the Woods" looks spot on – the costumes, the set design (cloaked in atmosphere), the character interplay. If you've been a fan since your high school drama club put on a slightly innocuous version of the James Lapine/Stephen Sondheim musical or you're brand new to this world, this trailer will still enchant you.

Quite frankly this could end up being a "Frozen"-level phenomenon, especially given the movie's plumb Christmas Day release date and all of those movie stars. Watch the trailer and tell us if you have even a remote possibility of staying out of those woods.