Get ready, everyone. "The Newsroom" returns to HBO this Sunday at 9 p.m. And in order to get you prepared for this very exciting TV event, we've rounded up the top ten things you need to know about the beloved drama, including the highlights from last season. So before you tune in, read up here.

10. This Is the Final Season
Sorry, fans. Despite Jeff Daniels getting a Best Actor nod at the Emmys this year, HBO has decided to end the series in its third year. We're still hoping for a spinoff involving Sloan Sabbith (Olivia Munn) called "Economics For Dummies" or "I Make Nerds Look Good" or something. Anything would hook us as viewers as long as there were frequent cameos from Will and the team.

9. The News Coverage Last Season Was Excellent
From drone strikes to the Trayvon Martin Story, their coverage just got better and better with each episode. We had forgotten how much had happened between 2011-2012. The season rounded out with the epic 2012 Presidential Election between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

8. Genoa
As a news outlet you want to be the first to break a story, but sometimes everything doesn't go as planned. The infamous Genoa story was the spine of this season. Not only did it hit the news team hard, it faltered their credibility, which means pretty much everything for them. Long story short, Genoa was an epic story that involved the U.S. Military, chemical warfare, and a lot of dead civilians in Pakistan. Guest Star Hamish Linklater's character, Jerry Dantana, decided to get a little creative with some editing software, and he really made us reevaluate what they show us on the news. This whole story really took a toll on the team and the network.

7. Jim and Maggie
At end of Season 1 we wanted Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.) and Maggie Jordan (Alison Pill) to get together so badly, but Don kept getting in the way. To sooth his aching heart at the beginning of season Jim (volunteered as tribute) and went to New Hampshire to cover Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. However, Maggie and Don ended up breaking up in the premiere after he sees a video of Maggie confessing her love for Jim to a "Sex and the City" tour bus. Poor Don. We really want Maggie and Jim to get together despite his new girlfriend, played by Grace Gummer.

6. Maggie in Uganda
So, Maggie had a tough year. She lost Jim and Don, but her time and Uganda is a whole other story. How would you live with yourself, if a child died while you were trying to save them? Well, Maggie did not react well and her red hair was just the surface.

5. The Imminent Suing from Dantana, the Guy Who Faked the Genoa Tape.
There is nothing like a good lawsuit to make you reevaluate your priorities. After retracting the entire Genoa story, and firing good ol' plagiarizing Jerry Dantana (Linklater), a lawsuit from him shouldn't be too much of a surprise. He is suing the entire Atlantis Cable News Network (ACN) and Don is in there for a bad job recommendation. We know that Season 3 is going to open with a bang as a result to this suit.

4. Don and Sloan's Kiss
From the beginning of this season it was obvious that Don and Sloan were going to get together, but the question was when. Throughout the season their bond grew and we got to see their friendship flourish. However, when Sloan finds out that Don bought her "faked signature" for $1000 she decides surprising him with a real autograph. We think a "take your breath away" kiss is a sufficient way to reciprocate. Don's face was pretty much priceless.

3. Will McAvoy's Human Side
It is always nice to see some humanity in Jeff Daniels's character, Will McAvoy. This man's tough exterior is known to repel, but this season we were able to see more of who he is under the shell. We saw him apologize to the woman from Occupy Wall Street and watched his growing "siblingship" with Sloan (Munn), so that exterior is starting to (slowly) melt away. However, after getting the news that his father died minutes before the end of his broadcast, McAvoy's demeanor shifts from news anchor extraordinaire to a man dealing with grief. That episode closed with him barely keeping his composure as his eyes began to tear. We're starting to see him in a new light.

2. Everybody is Almost Fired and Wants to Resign, But Then They Come to Their Senses
After Genoa, Will, Charlie (Sam Waterson) and MacKenzie (Emily Mortimer) decide to nobly resign from the network. The thing is, Leona Lansing (Jane Fonda), who happens to be the owner of ACN, will not accept. Throughout the last two episodes of the season they try to talk her into their resignations so much that they actually talk themselves out of them. And after Reese Lansing (Chris Messina), who is the president of ACN and Leona's son, decides to not fire them, the team begins to prepare themselves for the imminent lawsuit with guest star (Marcia Gay Harden) as their lawyer.

1. Will and Mac's Engagement
When Will runs out of his office during the last few minutes of the finale, Tiffany box in hand, we know one thing's for sure: wedding bells are in the future. After comparing her to a boy with paper shredding problem (why to pull her in there), he then confesses his love for Mac (Mortimer) and proposes. She said yes! That moment right here and their super steamy make-out session after kinda made the season for us. So, the season ended with everyone in a celebratory mood over the engagement and the election. But we're still chomping at the bit for more!

Season 3 of "The Newsroom" premieres Sunday, November 9 at 9pm on HBO.

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