From Jack Nicholson to Heath Ledger to... Jared Leto? According to The Wrap, Warner Bros is in negotiations to have Leto join the cast of their forthcoming "Suicide Squad" movie, to be written and directed by "Fury" filmmaker David Ayer, as the iconic Batman villain The Joker. Why so serious Jordan Catalano?

The film concerns a group of super-villains who the government grants amnesty by sending them on a top-secret mission that will likely get them all killed. The studio is also after Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy (reprising his Bane role? Or a new role? How many comic book bad guys can he essay?), according to the same Wrap report. It's thought that Jesse Eisenberg will be reprising his role as Lex Luthor (from the forthcoming "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice") in some capacity in the film.

Warner Bros. had initially wanted Ryan Gosling for the role, who was skittish about committing to multiple films. Leto, who has yet to choose his follow-up to his Oscar-winning performance in "Dallas Buyers Club," had previously pursued the role of Doctor Strange for Marvel, but Marvel and Disney backed off, supposedly looking for a more established actor to "introduce one of its lesser-known characters to audiences." This doesn't exactly make sense, considering that a) Benedict Cumberbatch, a largely unknown quantity in America, seems to have secured the role and b) "Guardians of the Galaxy" became a massive hit despite the fact that the cast was, for the most part, a bunch of nobodies and some computer-generated creatures.

Anyway -- how do you feel about Leto-as-the-Joker? Good? Bad? Indifferent? It'll be hard for him to top the two most recent big screen Jokers (Nicholson and Ledger, who won a posthumous Oscar for the role, not to mention Mark Hamill's awesome portrayal in "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm")... But then again, I feel like that is said everytime someone is cast as Batman's Big Bad.

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