john oliver salmon canonIf you love laughing, political debate, and British accents, then you know that "Last Week Tonight," the news program hosted by John Oliver, is one of the very best shows on television. Period. It somehow is both smarter and funnier than "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report," with the additional thrill of hearing him say the F-word. And sadly last night was its season finale. There aren't enough frowny face Emojis in all the internet to properly express how sad I am.

But hey, at least he went out on top.

After discussing a technological marvel called the "salmon cannon" (a device that is either totally genius or the stupidest thing mankind has ever come up, and is able to propel mating salmon over dams and into proper bodies of water), John Oliver, who is pretty much the world's greatest living human, decided to test out his own homemade salmon cannon. His targets? Old boss Jon Stewart, Homer Simpson, fellow late night host Jimmy Fallon, the stars of a soap opera I couldn't properly identify, the stars of "Modern Family," J.J. Abrams and R2D2... And many, many more... It's pretty great. Watch it below.

And tune in to "Last Week Tonight," whenever it returns, because it's just the best.