We always like a good origin story and this week we learned a little more about the Ingrid, the Snow Queen's, past and why she turned into the "Ice Lady."

The Three Sisters
A few weeks ago we found out that Ingrid had two other sisters, Helga and Gerta, one of them being Elsa's mother. Turns out these sisters were very close. In fact, they were all together when Ingrid found out about her powers. They made a pact that day to always be there for each other and sealed it with three ribbons they each wore on their wrists. However, things took a turn for the worst. When Helga's love interest, "The Duke," propositions Ingrid, she uses her powers to get him away from her. The duke tries to spew lies about Ingrid to Helga, but she sides with her sister. He threatens to tell the kingdom about who Ingrid really is and that she has powers. She tries to protect her sister and herself from him, but instead of freezing him like she planned, she accidentally freezes her sister. Which also happens to kills her. Her other sister, Gerta (Elsa's Mother) finds her in a pile of ice cubes that were once Helga. Realizing what she has done, Gerta puts her into the urn. She then goes to the rock trolls and gets a spell to erase the entire kingdom's memory about her two older sisters. We found this little extreme, but understand why Gerta did it. After all, fear does things to people.

Snow Queen is Captured
Hooray! Emma finally captured the snow queen! But we find out the Queen has an ulterior motive and wanted to be caught. No surprise there. As she tells Emma about their time together, she plants doubt in her mind about her family, which Emma begins to notice. Her family begins to fear her and well, she does not know what to do about it.

Emma's Got Powers
As she learns to control her newfound magic, Emma finds the Snow Queen may be right about one thing: The fear. Throughout the episode she witnesses the fear in her parents, but brushes it off until she accidentally hurts David (her father.) After her mother (Mary Margaret) scolds her, she hides away from them. We have a feeling that the Queen may get what she want, but only for a little while. According to Henry, "good always wins," so we aren't too worried.

Robin Hood Isn't Going Back to Marian
When you "stalk" your ex you might feel a little crazy, but we'll let it slide in the case of Robin Hood and Regina. He just doesn't want to fall back in love with Marian, his wife, and we kind of don't want him to either... We really want to see Regina happy longer than a few episodes; I mean, she kind of deserves a happy ending. Plus, their make-out session was totally needed for all of that built up tension between the two. So Marian may be a block of ice for the rest of the season if this keeps going on.

Making a Deal With Rumplestiltskin
We weren't too surprised to see a deal between Rumplestilskin and Ingrid. He has been trying to strike one with her all season, after all. So in this episode it was only right to give us double the dose. Younger Ingrid made a deal with the devil to help contain her powers. In addition to a pair of gloves, he also give her the urn she spent some time in due to her sister. The second deal was struck at the end of the episode, but we only know half of what is going on with it. Apparently, she is going to help Rumple leave Storybrooke with his powers, which we know could be a little detrimental. It's clear she wants to stay and have her "ideal family." Honestly, the people in this town are going a little nuts, and they might all be suffering from a case of cabin fever. Hey -- they can't even leave their town! We'll have to wait until next week to see how what they do next.