If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Filed under Things We Never Thought We'd See is this game of Pyramid with Jeff Daniels, Usher, Nick Jonas, and Jimmy Fallon. Jeff was a guest on "The Tonight Show" Monday night, and Usher and Nick were enlisted for game duty. Usher was partnered with Jeff, and Nick with Jimmy. You can't miss Jeff's attempt to twerk as he demonstrates dance moves. It's a bit painful. Jimmy had to cover his eyes. Jeff: "Usher made me twerk for at least 30 seconds!" Ha. FYI, Nick Jonas knows nothing about gangster movies. Literally nothing.
In his own sit-down interview, Jeff talked about the final season of "The Newsroom" and touring with his son's band. That has to be fun. He demonstrated another dance, the Big Bay Shuffle, which is a great shuffling dance where your feet don't move so -- if you're drunk -- you don't fall down. The whole audience stood up to try it. He wrote a song with that title for his wife.
Young Mackenzie Foy spent her 14th birthday on "The Tonight Show" and Jimmy had some root beer cookies made for her. She followed her b-day treat by taking Jimmy down with Taekwondo, since when she's not acting and in school, she's a black belt. She's badass!
Craig Ferguson won the night by having both David Tennant and Eric Idle on "The Late Late Show." Craig is a huge "Doctor Who" fan so of course he talked to David about playing The Doctor and they played with the TARDIS on Craig's desk. (Love how mad Craig got when David sneakily tried to steal it. OK, maybe he was really trying to hide it.) David is currently starring in "Gracepoint," the U.S. remake of his U.K. show "Broadchurch." David also discussed whether he would ever move to the U.S. David and Craig are both Scottish and talked about how positive Americans can be. (Not all of us...) Monty Python's Eric talked to Craig about why he hasn't been knighted yet. Craig ran over to give Eric a commemorative plate of the Queen of England and Eric wore it on his chest. Great consolation prize!

Keira Knightley was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night, talking about her new movie, "The Imitation Game," which had a screening at a rich tech mogul's house in Silicon Valley. She talked about touring with her husband's band and she can only be on the bus for about three days, since it gets very smelly. You have to hear her story about waking up one night on the bus in the pitch black and thinking she had died and was stuck in a coffin. It's great. She also shared how she came to L.A. when she was only 17 to audition for "Pirates of the Caribbean." She stayed at the Four Seasons and stole the slippers, she still has them. Keira has the best accent and she's so charming, they should post 10 videos of her.
Nate Parker was also on JKL, and it turns out he splits his time between acting and coaching a high school wrestling team. Multi-tasker! Since Jimmy's (fake) nemesis is Matt Damon, he brought up that Matt will be doing more Bourne movies. The crowd booed on cue. ("It's almost as if you were coached to do that.") Jimmy shared several Matt disses, especially with the new movie's proposed title.
John Lithgow was on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." It turns out, John was in a radio production of "Star Wars" and he did the voice of Yoda. He shares the story of how that came about, and does his great Yoda voice.
Katie Holmes was on "Late Show with David Letterman" -- looking surprisingly sexy -- and this year she's going to "pull the gizzards out," which is not a dirty euphemism, it's her turn to finally make a turkey on Thanksgiving. She's never done it before. Dave shared some cooking tips. She ordered a 15-pound turkey, but he said that might not be enough. Italian race car driver Alex Zanardi talked about the doctor who saved his life after his crash; the accident resulted in him having his legs amputated, but he returned to racing just a couple of years later. Dave has such awe and admiration for Alex.