Wheel Of Fortune Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary
Last night's installment of "Wheel of Fortune" didn't provoke the show's worst guesses ever. But the answers offered during one puzzle were so nonsensical that they made host Pat Sajak temporarily storm off the set in a mock rage.

As the final puzzle before the bonus round was revealed, contestants Lee and Mitch (paired up as a team for the show's "best friends week") called out the letter N, which took up one spot on the board. While most contestants would move on after only getting a single letter on a long puzzle, the pair tried their hand at solving the thing anyway, offering up the answer, "Riding a brown horse."

It was a weird guess, but not completely off-base, since it contained the right number of letters (though not the necessary second N). The turn then moved down to the next set of contestants, whose attempt at an answer prompted Sajak's aforementioned freak out.

Check out the video below, and just try not to scream along with Pat, "Who said anything about a horse?!?" Oh, "Wheel of Fortune" -- always good for a laugh. (BTW, the answer is "Seeing a buddy movie.")

[via: Uproxx]

Photo credit: Getty Images