sean o'pryMeet Sean O'Pry, the dude who drove Taylor Swift to distraction in her new "Blank Space" video. The GIF-tastic music video features O'Pry as the subject of Swift's affections - that is, until she starts acting out all the gnarly rumors about her "crazy" love life.

That pricey cell phone? Oops, it ended up in the pool. How about those expensive dress shirts? Ms. Swift was just testing out her new scissors. And that rare car that Swift destroys with a golf club? Well, that wasn't actually a real Shelby AC Cobra, so it's all good.

This wasn't O'Pry's first time at the crazy rodeo, though. He told Access Hollywood that he auditioned for the role of Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey" way back in the day. That role went to underpants model Jamie Dornan, whose previous acting work in film and on TV apparently gave him the chops that some of the others lacked.

"I think it was more the acting ability at the time," O'Pry told the show, before offering Jamie his congrats. However, he's studying hard to hone his craft, so Hollywood better watch out.

"For the last year, I've been doing serious studies, so it's quite cool. Right now, I'm just studying. Not reading anything or going out on anything - I'm just trying to get better," O'Pry said.

Hey, what about that Harry Styles fan fic "Fifty Shades"-style flick? O'Pry already has the onscreen experience of playing Swift's boyfriend, after all. We're just saying.

[Via Access Hollywood]