The fact that "Jeopardy!" is still on the air is kind of amazing. It is, after all, a syndicated game show that has been running, without interruption, since 1984 (before that it ran from 1964-75 and again for a single season in 1978/79 on NBC) and one that hasn't changed its general format much in that time. Alex Trebek has been hosting and Johnny Gilbert has been announcing and you still have to answer the cards with a question (otherwise, you'll be disqualified yo). And while there have been moments when the general public has become reinvested in the series (remember that albino winner Ken Jennings? Or that weird robot?), it's pretty much stayed the course, grabbing whatever bits of popular culture or societal fads come along the way. Including, it seems, devoting a category to the queen of all things, Beyoncé.

Just watch the video; it's pretty great. Some of the questions are easy, others more difficult, but it's all worth it just to hear Alex Trebek say the words "That liquor get into me" (and watch the contestants fumble on the actual song title). Ah, "Jeopardy!" You're just as hip as all those newfangled game shows out there.