It's hard to type these words, "Parenthood" fans, but there are only six episodes left in the final season of the critically-acclaimed NBC family drama left. Yes, one of our favorite TV family's story is coming to a close shortly, so prepare to say goodbye to those beloved Bravermans.

The timing is bittersweet, but the show celebrated its 100th episode last week with a ceremonial cake cutting (look at that edible family tree!), and we were there to talk to some of the cast and producers about their favorite story lines, what to expect in the show's final hours, and their ultimate hopes for how it's all going to end.

Creator Jason Katims touched on if the 100th episode will contain some milestone moments, saying, "The 100th episode is even more realistic. It's an usual episode. It deals with Zeek's health but it's unusual in that it's a very compressed time period, more so than others. It's not in realtime at all but it has a little bit more of that feeling, that maybe it happens over a 24 hour period more so than other episodes. It's a little not characteristic of the other episodes, but it also wasn't designed that way for the 100th episode. It just happened to fall that way."

Speaking of Zeek's health-in-question, we also spoke to Craig T. Nelson, and one of his remarks led us to believe that we should perhaps be worried... When asked about his ideal ending for his character, he revealed he wanted Zeek "to just continue with his family. To go on. And that goes for the show. To see how they develop and see what happens and watch your great-grandchildren be born. Just like life. Only with this family, it won't be like life." Uh oh.

As for what's coming down the pipeline for Adam and Christina? In addition to telling us that she plans on keeping a couch from set and taking it to her childhood home, Monica Potter filled us in on what be in store for the couple. "I know that they're gonna hit a few more bumps, with his business and her stuff and just with the family stuff. I think with instead of being so segregated with each storyline there's one storyline that sort of pulls us all together. So you you'll just see the exploration with that and the support from other family members. I think that's the crux of the rest of the season. It's gonna be really sad. But it's gonna be really good too."

More sadness? We can't take it.

On a lighter note, Lauren Graham weighed in on what she would want for her character, Sarah, and we couldn't agree more. "My ideal end is not gonna happen but I like things unresolved which apparently people hate. So I would love to see her not necessarily resolve her relationship and go traveling somewhere."

As for Mae Whitman's hopes for Amber? "As I've always thought with Amber, I just don't know where she'll end up because she's so wild and crazy. I just want to see her continue to sort of build her own path and continue to find her footing. I think she was really insecure in the beginning. She's taken a lot of really small steps to be the human being she wants to be, so wherever that guides her I see her sort of settled into herself."

Miles Heizer, who plays Drew, explained, "Basically, Drew takes a lot of pressure on himself to take care of other people and thinks about that kind of stuff so I'd like to see him kind let go for a second and then figure out what he actually wants and then go do that."

"He should be in a band," added Lauren Graham.

"And record at The Luncheonette!" Mae Whitman chimed in.

Um. We'll take it.

We also asked some of the youngest members of the cast where they would want to see their characters headed.

Xolo Mariduena said, "I definitely see him going to high school and college and I think that he might go into the foster care business just because I think that's definitely important to him. Joel and Julia pretty much saved his life from anyone who could have been his family. I think that would gravitate him towards that field."


Savannah Rae Page sees her "Sydney becoming a lawyer or teacher. Maybe even a doctor. She's very smart. She can do a lot of things. One of those could be great outbursts and she's a very good cryer. Maybe she can win an award for the ugliest cry."

Hoping for a "Parenthood" spinoff? Jason Katims said if he could only pitch one he would do "Hank and Max running a photography studio."

He also elaborated on how Max's Asperger's story line almost didn't come to be. "One of the arcs I'm proudest of is Max's arc. That's only because that's something I literally didn't consider not even putting in the pilot and not even doing because it was scary to me. I didn't know how we would be able to tell that story in a way that was going to feel real and also engage the audience. To see what Max Burkholder has done with that role and what the writers and everybody has been able to do with that storyline has been really moving to me," he revealed.

Katims also indulged our curiosity by describing the series finale in just three for us.

"Bittersweet. Sad. Cathartic. As you've probably noticed, I'm not good with soundbites. Three words? I'm going to be thinking about that at 2 in the morning, like, I should have said this!"

Sad seems to be the running theme here... Better get those tissues ready.

"Parenthood" airs on NBC on Thursdays at 10 p.m.

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