Earlier today, in a section of "Good Morning America" that recounts all the click-y things that are getting picked up on the Internet (hey, did you hear about Kim Kardashian's butt?), the morning show debuted the exclusive first clip from the James Franco/Seth Rogen episode of the Discovery Channel series "Naked and Afraid" (via The Wrap). Yes, there was a lot of blurring involved.

The hilarious clip (it's at the 1:30 mark), which features Franco with a skin-tight buzz cut, the two meet in an open field and begin to awkwardly hug, their genitals supposedly rubbing together. (Based on the odd color of their crotch blurs, we get the impression that they might have been wearing skivvies. Which isn't exactly naked, but certainly close.) What makes the moment even more hilarious and absurd is the fact that they're pretending that the episode isn't just an elaborate marketing gimmick for their Christmas Day release "The Interview." Talk about naked...

Franco decries Rogen, who he co-starred with in "This Is The End" and "Pineapple Express" (and a Kardashian-aping music video), saying, "You're supposed to be a hot Australian-like survivalist." "Australian-like." Yes.

The episode airs on the Discover Channel on December 7th. "The Interview" opens on Christmas Day.