After showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis got thousands of #onceuponatime tweets, they granted our wishes and gave us a two-hour special last night. We were in heaven on our couches as we finally got to see everything unfold, and we're still a bit chilly from it the morning after. In case you missed this epic episode, here are the most important parts!

Emma is Out of Control
Last week Emma was having a little trouble with her magic. Between blowing out the side of the sheriff's station to almost crushing her father with a lamp post, it was a difficult week. But the fun didn't stop there. When she accidentally hurts Henry, she realizes her powers are too much to handle. She goes to Rumplestiltskin for help, and he may have a way. But we know Rumple and he is almost always up to no good. She meets him in a secluded part of the forest (better for him, not her) to help release her magic. We watch her go through her internal struggle until Elsa shows up. Finally. She helps Emma with her control issues by telling her to accept and love herself, magic included. That works and all, but somehow it's the least of our problems...

Elsa and Anna Have a Plan
Remember when Ingrid, The Snow Queen, put Anna in prison? Well, Ingrid decides to plant lies about Anna in Elsa's head. She tells her that Anna plans to get rid of her magic, and found the device her parents sought to do just that. But their sisterly bond is stronger than a few little lies. Elsa comes up with a plan to put Ingrid back in the Urn with the help of Anna. However, she always seems to be one step ahead. Ingrid casts the spell of shattered sight over Anna to turn her against Elsa. We finally see and understand why Anna put Elsa in the Urn. This whole scene required a few tissues and a bar of chocolate.

Regina, Robin Hood, and a Missing Page
Regina and Robin Hood got a little steamy this week. After "spending the night together," Regina shows Robin the storybook. She opens up about wanting to have a happy ending and and how the book won't allow her to. Being that guy that he is Robin steals the book and asks Will Scarlet, the Knave, for a little help researching the elusive author. They end up in the library, were Robin finds a missing page from the book. He calls Regina and tells her she must see what he found. When she arrives he shows her the pictures of the two of them kissing after Tinkerbell's spell led her to him, instead of the current one of her walking away from the bar that night. If that didn't give you hope, then wait until you see what's to come.

Hook and Rumplestiltskin
We already know that Rumplestiltskin blackmailed Hook into doing his bidding earlier this season. However, when Hook realizes Emma is getting help from the "Crocodile" (Rumple), he tries to find her in time to save her from his clutches. Unfortunately, Rumple gets to him first, and reveals his plan to rid himself of his dagger. This includes Hook's heart -- that Rumple rips of his body. If Hook already had to do his bidding, now he has to do it to save his life. Even though Rumple plans to kill him anyway. We don't know about you, but we can't wait for Emma to find out.

Nobody Puts The Snow Queen in the Corner
It is not a secret that Ingrid makes a lot of deals. Mostly with Rumplestilskin, but she surprised us this week. She attempts to make a deal with the Sorcerer -- his hat in exchange for two magical sisters. But he isn't into people with dark magic. When Anna puts Elsa in the urn, Ingrid feels that all hope is lost, so she freezes Ana, her fiancé Kristoff, and the rest of the castle to cope. Rumple shows up during her grieving and takes the urn from Ingrid. He tells her he will give it back when she gives him the sorcerer's hat. She almost does too, until the apprentice shows up. It seems that the sorcerer had a change of heart, and tells her a prophecy about her gaining two "magical" sisters. All she has to do is give him the hat and go through a portal where this will all happen. She ends up in 1982, and although she has to wait a few decades, she finally does get it all. Once Emma accepts herself, Ingird places the yellow ribbons on herself, Emma, and Elsa and uses their magic to cast the spell of shattered sight over the town of Storybrooke. Ahh! We just want to know what happens next, but it doesn't help that there isn't a new episode next week...